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Sam Wynn, TOOL concert, Aaron back to california

Sam Wynn died Friday. The cause is unknown to the public, but those of us who knew him can speculate. I wasn’t going to post anything here because I wasn’t that close to Sam, but in the last few days I’ve gotten emails about it from people who I know had no contact at all with him. Sam was not a close friend of mine, but we had many mutual friends and were neighbors. Sam often took me to school after my car (an 87 Taurus) finally gave out senior year. In his obituary it states that Sam graduated in 1998, he actually graduated with my class in 1999.

I heard the news right before leaving for the TOOL concert on Saturday and tried not to let it spoil the day because I know Sam would have loved to see TOOL. Sam had some problems, but he was a genuinely nice guy who wouldn’t wish harm on anyone. It seems that 2001 has been a bad year for everyone, just a short while ago my uncle died in a highway accident and now more bad news has befallen my family. So, just as MJK said last night, we need to all take the pain from this horrible year and channel it into something positive and productive.

Some of us hoped that the tragic death of B.E. in 1998 would show our friends not to go down a destructive path. It seems that message was lost on many of my classmates. Maybe this loss (even if it came by unrelated causes) will send a stronger message to those who need it.

Tomorrow Aaron will start on the long drive to California. Unfortunetly he will now have to suffer through boring states with no cd player. His cd player was stolen out of his car a month ago behind our apartment building. (two of my cds Aenima and Soulfly were in there too…) I wish him luck going back to the beginning.

I hope to start on the Ugly Boy Productions website today. In a few days…or weeks (depending) you’ll be able to purchase some of my music and/or art.

I have a 311 ticket for sale, the best offer gets the ticket…

the venue has been changed to the Nationwide Arena parking lot….but thats just up the street (actually easier to find).

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