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new fish

As I think I blogged about I had to get rid of my algea eater after he sucked the scales off of and summarily killed my other three fish. After getting back from Ohio I went and got two new fish. I figured I’d cap it out at two, that way they would both have […]



That was me in my hotel room on the 14th floor of the Pasadena Hilton hotel on Friday night. Other than while sleeping I probably spent a maximum of 90 minutes in the room over the next two days. This past weekend I completed my first graduate level class. (actually, that isn’t true- in the […]



Welcome to PALIN country! You’ve come a long way, baby! (taken a few hundred feet up the road — and two months after the election — from the house I grew up in) On Monday morning I awoke at an ungodly hour (PST) to ride to Columbus and meet up with my cousin and two […]



On Sunday I woke up to home-made buttermilk blueberry waffles with homemade apple syrup and homemade apple juice (are you noticing a theme here). There was also sausage -but we didn’t kill the pigs. In the early afternoon I headed over to my old friend Kenny’s house. I hadn’t seen Kenny since just before I […]



On Saturday the majority of my mother’s extended family came for a christmas visit. Many of these relatives I hadn’t seen since thanksgiving 2003 (if my memory is correct). Most of them didn’t look much older (except for the kids). One of my cousins looked a lot more like me without the Harley Davidson facial […]



We had our christmas on Friday this year since I was flying on the (not) actual day of the christ child’s birth. Here are some photos. Yummy homemade spaghetti with homegrown tomatoes in the sauce. Of course you can’t see any of that since I murdered it with a pound of cheese. On a trip […]

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