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Leaky Part II

Saturday morning I headed to the local Home Depot to find a new kitchen faucet. The model that I wanted (I needed one with a white finish, and they had only three) couldn’t be found. The inventory system showed six remaining, but the attendant couldn’t figure out where they were. So, I was off to […]


art wha?

On Thursday night Aaron and I met up for what will possibly be the last Art Walk for me for two years (my classes will be on Thursday nights). We hit up the Hive gallery first – as that always seems to be the best. Once again it was the only gallery with any pieces […]


boo hoo

So Pete Carol is moaning that USC might not get into the big party. Boo hoo for you. DON’T LOSE TO AN UNRANKED TEAM! Ordinarily I’d agree with the coach, but not this year. After bemoaning OSU getting picked over USC last year (even though they lost to Stanford) I have no sympathy. We lost to […]



then you’ve got people like this going the other way. These people assert that Peak Oil is a scam… A scam perpetrated by our government to control the world population in order to dominate it… Too often Peak Oil “fansites” are linked to scientific articles while these “Peak Oil is a scam” sites are linked […]


Pining for the Cuco

Nothing makes you feel dumber than calling the bank and asking for a stop-payment on your check… yourself. Last week I put in a transfer of funds order with my savings account. I thought I was transferring money from savings to my checking account. I was doing it so I could pay off my car, […]


great…so …

so today makes it seven times this week that I’ve been spammed…. my only recourse to stop this is make everyone who wants to comment register. Isn’t it ironic that the first guy to complain to me about getting notices every time there are spam replies to all his posts…is the same guy that moaned […]

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