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What a trip

On Saturday we were up earlier than normal in order to make our 10am flight at LAX. This was our first flight since the start of the pandemic and we were nervous about covid and the experience in general. Other than keeping watch on who was and wasn’t wearing their mask properly not much had […]


Thundering Waves

After our disastrous 4 hour drive down to La Jolla two weeks ago we did a little google maps research and discovered that Sundays seemed much better than Saturdays. Everyone is traveling to the beach on Saturday, but Sunday appears reserved for locals. So we set out on Sunday, this time half an hour earlier, […]


First Shark Run of 21

And maybe the last? In all the previous years of our snorkeling adventures, we’d done day trips to Shaw’s Cove (Orange County) and two-day overnights to La Jolla (San Diego County). Last year, however, an unexpected benefit of the pandemic was less traffic. We were able to do same day trips to La Jolla multiple […]


An Unfortunate Event

During the pandemic, Sam and I chose to be more cautious than many others due to underlying health issues we both have. We only had food prepared outside the home twice, and both times it was “hot” food untouched (in theory) by human hands on its way from the oven to us – and we […]


Big Bear Valentine

Feeling restless from COVID quarantining (we only leave home to go hiking and grocery shopping) we decided to do “something” for Valentine’s Day. Eventually, with diminished options, we settled on driving up to Big Bear Lake for a hike and picnic. We woke up late because the pandemic has made time irrelevant, but traffic was […]


Parents PCH

On Wednesday night I picked up my parents at the Burbank airport. It was still relatively early in California, so they were up for dinner. We went to Ribs USA, which is a favorite (of everyone who eats there) for BBQ and the associated sides. Since this was a special meal, we sort of went […]

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